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Sports betting truths
The first ever recorded sports bets, took place on 10 September 1858, by two spectators watching a game between the Brooklyn Eckfords and the New York Mutuals, placed a 100$ bet as to whether or no. . .

Planning a car rental
With rising gas prices, driving causes more headaches than it used to. When traveling, though, you may need to rely on a car rental. There are ways to save money if you plan well. Next time you're . . .

6 Smart Tips To Avoid the Stress of Shopping For Holiday Gifts
For those who find making their gifts list for the holidays a very exciting activity, good for you. Those who find it less than an appealing bustle don’t fret. Many share your sentiment. The proble. . .

Burger King: Eat Like a Pig
Sometimes I just have to shake my head... I was driving down the street when a spied a Burger King about a block away. It had one of those signs where they can promote a particular item or special,. . .

Roll Your Quarterback Out and Win More Games
Football teams ranging from the high school level down to the youth football level will never be successful passing the ball. Do you believe this? Many coaches and football bystanders do. I do not. . .

How To Choose The Perfect Dog Name For Your Puppy.
So you've brought home your new puppy, it's time to name your new animal friend but you’re running short on ideas. Choosing a name for your dog can be hard if you aren't feeling very creative, so h. . .

Boiling - The Test of a Good Cook
Let's take a look at one of the most basic forms of cooking - immersing food in hot water.Yes, I know. That includes simmering as well. But I want to look at boiling, some of the different foods in. . .

Gambling equipment 101
The excitement and popularity of the gambling games entices few players to own their own gaming equipments. Mini blackjack tables and poker tables are quite famous among the buyers. The most common. . .

A Better Golf Swing Is Inevitable
A better golf swing is inevitable…for any golfer, with the right approach. It doesn’t matter age or ability. It’s a reality…and can happen very quickly!To achieve a better golf swing, a golfer ne. . .

What to Look for In Online Poker Sites
Online poker game websites have become more and more popular these days as a casino establishment alternative. They are a convenient way of playing a variety of poker games in the comfort of your o. . .


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